Elegant villa with stunning views for sale, Sotogrande Alto
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Property ID : LS8770

Long Term Rental
Elegant villa with stunning views for sale, Sotogrande Alto
15,000 EUR
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REFLS8770685 m21200 m25 Bedrooms5 Bathrooms3 Garages

Elegant villa with open plan living area and open plan kitchen, enormous with high celings living room with dinning area with access to the gardeb and pool.

Living area on the entrance facing pool and garden with beautiful open space to the outside space, beautiful chininh white and clean house, decorated with good taste and smart way to have everything what need with elegant and stylish way.

There are 4 bedrooms on main level of the villa with bathrooms en suite, and masterbedroom one of this room with high celings, open windows to pool and garden with private terrace to enjoy evening sunshine and golf and sea views.

There are big play area upstairs and guest bedroom with bathroom en suite, and downstairs there are some storage rooms, garage for 3 cars, other separate entrance in the villa. there are plenty places to park outside infront of the house.

Elevator offers easy access to all floors. The outdoor spaces are perfect for relaxation and entertaining all year round offering chill out areas with beautiful views, big swimming pool, solarium and gardens from which you can enjoy the views to the

The house is sold with the furniture and the decoration and is ready to move in and enjoy the wonderful lifestyle of the most sought area of Sotogrande.

The villa is very private with open places to enjoy quite and peaceful lifestyle in Sotogrande with luxury villas surrounding, private school, golf club house, golf clubs, horses ride clubs, pool club.

There are plenty popular restaurants in the area and nice places to join in port of Sototgrande which only 10 min drive from this beautiful villa, only 10 min drive to beach and Trocadero beach club.





There are No Expenses
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