Charming villa for sale in Sotogrande Alto
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Property ID : LS7942

For Sale
Charming villa for sale in Sotogrande Alto
795,000 EUR
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REFLS7942320 m21565 m24 Bedrooms3 Bathrooms

Charming two-story villa located in Sotogrande Alto with a large and well-kept garden, pool and porch to enjoy.

The house has 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms:

The ground floor has a large guest room with private bathroom and two spacious rooms connected by a corridor that share a bathroom.

The master bedroom, located on the upper floor, has a large glass door that connects to a terrace.

This terrace has beautiful views of the garden and the natural park. The bedroom has a corridor with big built-in closets and suite bathroom.

The entrance to the house leads to a large lobby that connects the living room, kitchen and room corridor.

The kitchen is American-style, fully equipped and opens to the dining room.

The dinning room is communicated to the cozy, new built porch.


There are No Expenses
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